The Genesis GV60 is an all-electric crossover that's making its debut in Santa Monica as part as the 2023 model year. It looks sophisticated with all of its sleek lines and upscale materials, and it has excellent performance and impressive technology.

There are elements incorporated into the GV60 that you won't find on too many other vehicles. First, it has a facial recognition system that you can use to unlock the doors and start things up. There's also a fingerprint scanner that can load personalized driver profiles. Further, the glass orb in the center console is actually the drive selector knob.

At Genesis Santa Monica, we know that range is important when it comes to electric vehicles. Fortunately, the GV60 has a range that could be anywhere between 235 and 248 miles. One powertrain option would give you 314 horsepower, and the other, which is found on the top-level Performance trim, could generate up to 483 horsepower.

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